Monday, August 18, 2008

Wrapping up my eMusic monthly downloads.

So the new billing period was looming on my eMusic account and since I have around 839MB free space on my computer, $600 to my name, and a 15 day trip to NYC planned to start Sept 7th I decided to use up the last 80 or so downloads I had available. I then sadly suspended my eMusic account until I get back from the NYC so I can put the $50 towards the trip (or an external harddrive, or an iMac, or a pony while I'm still dreaming.) But I did get some choice downloads!
Without further ado here's
What I got most recently!
Au Verbs
I found this album while purusing eMusic (a site I love because of the vast international/gypsy/underground bands available.) They're from Portland which I count as a plus, and they are being compared to Animal Collective which I count as a having no real influence on me whatsoever since I don't really know AC. I will say its some different ass music, but I'm enjoying it. So far the only tracks I've gotten into are "Are Animals" and "rr vs. d" I dig it, and I'm sure after an evening in the dim lit atmosphere of my room after partaking in a little ganj I'll really dig it.

Breathe Owl Breathe Ghost Glacier EP
This is a different type of album for me to listen to. Its slower. Kinda folky. I have a feeling its going to really grow on me.

Dr. Dog Fate
I'd have to say of all the downloads this is the one that I am most excited to have found. I'm not gonna lie here. I love music but I'm not as educated in it as I'd like to be. So when I say that the songs "Hang On" and "The Old Days" have this feel about them, reminiscent of the 60s, I'm kind of stuck at that. I don't really know what to say about it other than this album is catchy, beautiful, and different from anything I've found in a while. And can anyone tell me what song starts with the same piano style as is heard in "The Old Days?"

J-Live Then What Happened
I love Hip Hop like this. I just downloaded all of these albums yesterday so I haven't had much time to listen to these yet and as far as this album is concerned I'm stuck on "One to 31" which is the first track, but so good I keep listening to it.

Let's Wrestle In Loving Memory of...
Hrmm...a punkish type of album found its way in. Its cute, its fun, but I doubt if its gonna get heavy rotation.

Miss Platnum "Give Me the Food"
Ah Miss Platnum, I love you you beautiful, goofy, heavy set, Romanian hip hop chica. I've danced around like an idiot many MANY times to "Come Marry Me" much to my brothers chagrin. "Give Me the Food" was apparently a very popular song on the radio over in Bucharesti, RO. And we all know how much Central and Eastern Europeans love their pop musicians. With that said this song is not to be taken seriously. She talks about how she loves fried chicken, butter, fat, cream, sugar, and just eating fat crap in general. But she does it with zest and it is kind of fun. But if you want to check her out, YouTube her video for "Come Marry Me feat. Peter Fox."

Nรดze Songs on the Rocks
French-electro-euro-dancedisco? Eh. Some of the songs are fun "Danse Avec Moi" and "You Must Dance" but I think that this music needs about two vodka cranberries and some lime wedges paired with it if I'm really gonna get into it. So far it's the album I'm digging the least.

Panda Bear Person Pitch
Downloaded this because it was recommended to me and highly reviewed. I also had just the perfect number of downloads left. I haven't listened to it yet.

eels "Jelly Dancers"
This was a glorious little find on an album titled Dimension Mix- a Tribute to Dimension 5 Records which features some of my favourite musical artists of all time like Beck, the eels, Cibo Matto, etc. Now if you know me then you know I lurves me some Gypsy/Balkan/Jewish/Middle Eastern styled music. You'll also know that the eels were my favourite band for 10 years until Gogol Bordello eclipsed them this past year. And here we have E (lead singer for the eels) giving us his take on the gypsy music scene. And. I. Love. It. The only problem with this song is there is really no climax like you'd have in the more traditional styles of music.

Spicy Curried Ackee and "Buttered" Callaloo.

Kelsey Kinser's Hungry Soul Vegan Kitchen - Spicy Curry Ackee

This was the first cooking video and I feel its horribly awkward. Expect more to come.